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Sarah Amy Conger Sconzo 3

Christmas 2007

Looks like someone got caught peeking …… but Zoie gets more presents at her Jan birthday party.


Zoie and Riley have enlisted in the local dance school and they got trophies.
Shon has joined the boy scouts ………. Zoie’s got serious about the computer. Here she’s on “Barbie .com” – pre K and does it all herself. She can open up WordPad, select her font size/color and type her name and phone number. Can’t do it without a “tootsie pop,” though.


And here are their “school” pictures for the year ……… she is pre-school and he is 2nd grade.

Halloween 2008

               Nick Conger & Shon Sconzo                                            Zoie Sconzo


Nick, Shon, Zoie, Riley, and Carlie ……………… and our “flapper”, Zoie Sconzo.

 We had our annual Easter egg hunt and it looks like Zoie and Shon found some eggs …..

Dan took the boys fishing for awhile at Rathbun and guess who caught the biggest fish? Yep, Shon …….
who came up with a small striped/white bass.

And a picture of Zoie at her “Pre-K” school.

Easter again and the annual egg-hunt and accompanying group photo.

Carlie, Riley, Zoie, Shonmikel, Nickolas, Emily, Ethan ….

 Riley and Zoie have started playing T-Ball and have uniforms and everything ….


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