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Samuel  Dean Conger  3


I ask for a quick pose and this is what I got …… not bad.     Nick got his school pictures ……..

And another one from somewhere. Carlie made a “cookie” house for Christmas….


Carlie finally caught a fish this May, scared to death of it but I was finally able to get this pose ……. and another.


- Halloween 2008 -

      Nick Conger & Shon Sconzo                                            Carlie Conger

Nick, Shon, Zoie, Riley, and Carlie

School pictures for year 2008 to 2009 …………… Nick and Carlie.


Here is the gang at our annual Easter egg hunt – looks like they all got eggs …..

Nick went over to the fire station and got some pictures of the trucks …..


His daddy was a voluntary fireman for awhile and he suffered a collapsed lung so had to quit active duties …..

Carlie got her “Pre-K” pictures and here are a few of them …… and Sam and Nick.



Nick has taken up wrestling and after some 2, 3, 4 place wins, brought one home!
He took first place in match in Chariton, IA about Feb 14, 2010 ……..


Easter again and the annual egg-hunt and accompanying group photo.

Carlie, Riley, Zoie, Shonmikel, Nickolas, Emily, Ethan ….

Nick’s moved up to baseball now and is learning the game ……..

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